About Curbn

Who we are and why we are here

Why should you Curb it?

The road to startup success and innovation sometimes requires you changing your habits into better ones. Curbn will help you stop procrastinating, fight perfectionism and find a lifestyle where you can excel without sacrificing your health.

It will enable you to optimize your work schedules, cognitive performance, productivity and output, speeding up your journey.

How? By teaching you how to fight off the impulses that lead to your old, not so good behavior and turning them into better ones. In other words: by teaching you how to Curb it!

Who we are


The Curbn project started in 2019. But although our company is young, our team members have years of experience and plenty of skills in coaching and online training.


Our headquarters are located in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Our customers are startups from all over the world.

Mission and values

We’re on a mission to help startups and scientists speed up their work to improve the world. Because the way we see it, we’re not going fast enough.

“If you want to go faster, slow down”. That is the motto of Curbn’s founder, Patrice Gorissen. Creating a sustainable world starts with a sustainable workroutine that enables you to excel at your job without exhausting yourself. Better even, it helps you go faster. And of course all of our team members stick to it as well.

Empowering people
Funded or bootstrapped, working for a big university or being self employed, whatever situation our startups are in, they are all looking for affordable solutions. It’s our passion to develop tools that will help them untangle the challenges of startup life.

We believe in a fair and respectful treatment for everybody and we put those believes into practice in every part of our business.

We want to accelerate innovation in an innovative way. By using new technology and new insights that will help our clients change and grow faster.

Career opportunities

Get in touch

Other than the openings listed above, our team is complete at the moment. But as we continue to grow, we will be looking for talented people in the fields of marketing, web development and behavioral science.

Are you interested in working at Curbn when the opportunity arises? Drop us a line.