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Curbn is part of:

Goed Georganiseerd
Gamanderweerd 8
6229 TW Maastricht
The Netherlands


When will you launch your first courses?

We are scheduled to launch in May 2024, but only to a limited number of founders. Do you want to sign up for early access? Fill out the form here.

What is Curbn offering?

Curbn will offer online courses and a community to help you prevent founder burnout and still build your startup faster than the competition. The courses are aimed at building the right habits, one step at a time, backed up by the support of the Curbn community.

We intend to host events from time to time, office hours and there will be a section with resources to help you maximize and control your time.

Is there going to be a free plan?

Not right now. But we will offer a 14-day trial so you can check out the community and the courses (no credit card required). This should help you get started.
You can sign up for a paid membership that will give you access to advanced courses and extra guidance if you need it.

Of course, early birds will have an early advantage and will lock in low prices. So, if you want early access, sign up.

Are you hiring?

No, at the moment we are not hiring.

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