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Curbn is part of:

Goed Georganiseerd
Gamanderweerd 8
6229 TW Maastricht
The Netherlands


When will you launch your first courses?

We’re scheduled to launch sometime next spring. But since we are experts on scheduling we know that delays are always lurking…

Is there going to be a free plan?

Yes. Curbn will offer a free plan that wil help you get started as well as paid memberships that will give you access to advanced courses and extra guidance if you need it.

Are you hiring?

Yes, at the moment we are looking for new interns in our Marketing team. Take a look at the role description and apply if you think you are qualified.

Also, in the near future we might be looking for more talented people. Drop us a message below if you would like to become part of the Curbn team and are into sales, programming or psychology.